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Anal sex by accident


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(Uploaded twice by accident)

(Uploaded twice by accident)

I'm a gay man, so I knew beforehand what was in store. She laughed at me. When a woman tells you that, believe her. Hillary Clinton said it best: For some people, the back door is the anal sex by accident door. There's a long essay in here somewhere about how I was too ignorant of a woman's body to have any fucking clue what I was doing, and a critique of me for not checking in with my anal sex by accident regarding what she was feeling, and a critique of her for not saying something out loud about our "first attempt at anal," but I'm pretty sure that all gets filed under D, for Deplorable Sexual Education, or possibly B, for Body Shame. As a year-old guy who has had sex with literally hundreds of women over my lifetime, I have enough experience to qualify as an expert.
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